Schoolgirl Collared Tie Top

Includes: Tie-Top with Vinyl Collar

This attractive collared top is mindfully designed to give you a chick yet a bold look. It has short-length puffed sleeves and a detailing tie at the front. It is smartly designed to make your upper body features look well-sculpted while giving the right amount of coverage. The fabric used in this top is of outstanding quality, making it very comfortable to wear over long periods. This collared top creates a unique and signature look that compliments a pleated thigh-length skirt well.

When you need something feminine and bold at the same time, then this is what you can consider showing off. You are all set to get into the vibe of school girl character and reminisce the good old days. Ready to start getting all the attention and catch the eyes of your man? Available in black, white, white/pink, white/lavender colors and can be bought in one size‬.

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