Sequin Bottoms

Sequin Bottoms

Your rave bottoms don’t have to feature a complicated, uncomfortable cut to be sexy. Our Sequin Bottoms don’t pinch and dig in and have a comfortable fit that stays in place throughout the evening. But the backside is just cheeky enough to let you flaunt your curves, and both the front and back are decked out in sequins from hem to hem. Every sequin on these bottoms is designed to catch the light and give off a stunning shimmer that will catch the eye of every raver around you—all while you feel cool, comfortable, and confident in these flattering rave bottoms.

Our Sequin Bottoms are the perfect base for any rave outfit that needs a little extra sparkle. Or, if you want to take your glitter game to the next level, you can pair them with our Criss-Cross Sequin Bikini Top and Sequin Garter Belt with Fringe Detail for a head-to-toe look that’s sure to stun. These bottoms are available in sizes S, M, and L.

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