April 10, 2021 3 min read

Far too often, women assume that sexy bedroom attire has to be tight, confining, itchy, and just uncomfortable overall. While many lingerie pieces leave something to be desired in terms of comfort, they’re not the only option for bedtime outfits. It is possible to find something that’s both incredibly sexy and insanely comfortable too. Here’s what you should be looking for if you want a sexy pajama set that you can actually sleep in.

Soft Materials

For most loungewear, the important thing to consider is what material it’s made of. The material is often the thing that makes a piece of lingerie uncomfortable because it pinches or itches. If you want something cozy, then you need a cozy material. We recommend something silky like satin for the summer. For the colder months, don’t shy away from something warm and fuzzy; you can still find things that are sexy in these materials.

Little Details

When it comes to sex appeal, sometimes less is more. And if you want pajamas that are comfortable but sexy, then it’s the little details that will make the difference. Lingerie made entirely of lace is too itchy to sleep in. But a satin nightgown with lace trim is comfortable while having that little bit of sex appeal to turn your partner’s head. Look for the small things that make something comfortable into something desirable as well.

The Right Set

Let’s get into the specifics of what makes a comfortable pajama set. In general, there are a few specific kinds of pieces that are genuinely comfortable but still have the ability to make you feel sexy:

  1. Short sets – Short shorts will always be sexy. A pajama shorts set with a skimpy hemline and a crop top can be comfortable enough to lounge around in or even sleep in but sexy enough that they’ll catch your partner’s attention.
  2. Rompers – Rompers can be made of many materials, from soft satin to cozy sweater-like materials. The important thing is that they hug your body without pinching or scratching, making them perfectly comfortable for bedtime.
  3. Chemise – A chemise (also sometimes referred to as a nightgown) is like a little satin dress that you can sleep in. It’s comfortable, flattering, and versatile, with those little details we mentioned earlier that allow it to function as both sleepwear and lingerie.

Of course, there are other options out there, but these 3 are frequently the most common ones chosen when you want something both sexy and comfy. And don’t be afraid to top any of these with a comfortable lingerie robe. It can give you a little more warmth while still allowing you to feel sexy.

Lingerie Robe

The Right Fit

Finally, always ensure that your pajama set is the right fit for you. If it’s too tight or pinches in certain areas, then it’s not going to be comfortable to sleep in—and you’re not going to feel completely confident in it either.

Be sure to look at the sizing guide on all of our women’s loungewear sets to ensure you’re finding the right size to flatter your figure while keeping you comfortable. We offer many different styles and a variety of sizes so that you can find something that makes you feel like a woman but lets you sleep like a baby. After all, being sexy doesn’t have to mean being uncomfortable!

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