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Lingerie has been included in every fashion trend for a long time. Whether the lingerie is used for the sheets or the streets, it is undeniably one of the most attractive outfits to be included in fashion trends. Intimates are typically worn in the bedroom before and now become everyday outfits. It can now be worn during parties, fashion shows, and even work. Lingerie just became regular everyday wear.

Right after Christmas, Valentine's Day is the perfect opportunity to give your partner a present. It is considered the day for every couple to celebrate their love. Most couples often give their partners gifts like flowers or chocolates. But to spice things up with your partner, the best present to give your partner is an intimate dress like lingerie. It is one of the trends nowadays, and it can surely add another level of intimacy to your relationship.

There are a lot of trends happening right now, which is why it isn't easy just to choose one. If you are planning to give someone lingerie as a present, it cannot be easy, especially for guys with no experience or knowledge about lingerie. However, this is a guide for everyone with some knowledge about correctly buying the hottest and sexiest lingerie in the fashion trend.

 sexy pink valentines lingerie


Shopping for lingerie can be one of the most intimidating experiences, especially if you're giving the present to the love of your life. To help lessen the pressure of buying lingerie with Valentine's right around the corner, here are the things you should do first before choosing a style. 


Before you proceed with finding the perfect lingerie design, the first thing you want to do is to know or get the size of your partner first. Surprising your partner by wearing lingerie can lift their mood, and you want to avoid disappointments. Every woman has a different body shape; it is essential to know their body shape and size since ladies' sexy lingeries aren't just a universal size that can fit everyone.

Some other factors need to be considered, for example, chest circumference, cup size, waistline, etc. These factors are vital in determining the lingerie you are about to buy for your partner. The reason for getting this is to avoid getting the wrong size. Lingerie should be well-fitted, showcase the women's body shape, and highlight their features.

Wearing loose lingerie can look bad. It can limit the movements because you could spend most of the time fixing your outfit to prevent them from falling. A wrong size can provide discomfort rather than give you confidence and comfort. If your partner already owns lingerie, you can check the measurements as a reference for what you are about to buy.


Another factor to consider when buying a new pair of lingerie is the material. As you probably already know, many different materials are used, like cotton, satin, silk, and many more. Since you are planning to buy a present, it is good to know your partner's preference for what material they like. A great tip is to check your partner's wardrobe and check what fabrics and materials they want in their clothes.

High-quality materials are great and better, especially if you want your lingerie gift to last long. Your gift should be made from high-quality materials since it can be a remembrance for Valentine’s Day. However, expensive lingerie are not always made with high-quality materials. It is better to be aware of that information to save money on low-quality lingerie. 

Lastly, low-quality materials used for lingerie often cause skin irritations. If your partner has sensitive skin, it is best to research what materials can cause them discomfort. The best fabrics, like silk or satin, are excellent choices. Satin lingerie sets are great since the fabric has unique components that can be worn in hot and cold weather. You must always set a high standard when buying lingerie so your partner can enjoy and be comfortable with your gift.

pink heart lingerie bra and panty set 


Now that you know what to check when buying lingerie, you can choose the type of design and pattern for your gift. There are a lot of different styles of lingerie, but this list will highlight the most popular and hottest lingerie. It has both revealing and conservative designs to help you choose.


One of the most famous lingerie is bodysuits. It became well-known since it is the most common type of lingerie that you can find anywhere. Whether searching for it in your local retail stores or buying it online, you can always find a good pair of bodysuit or teddies lingerie. Teddies and bodysuits have similarities and differences but are more likely the same.

The bodysuit lingerie are the perfect all-around outfit to have. You can pair it with high-waisted pants or jeans since bodysuits can also be worn in public and not just in the bedroom. Some fashion trends also use bodysuit lingerie as an outer cover; the undershirt is sometimes white long sleeves and white T-Shirts. This outfit is excellent for showing sexiness while not revealing too much skin.

Teddy lingerie can be considered an enhanced and improved version of traditional bodysuits. The designs are more daring and revealing, which is good for showing more of your partner's naughty side. The lingerie highlights more around the chest area since the torso is covered most of the time. So, if your partner is a bit shy, this is an excellent starter choice of lingerie to boost their confidence.

red valentines chemise and baby doll lingerie


The baby dolls and chemises resemble many of the same features as bodysuits but are much more similar to nightgowns. The style provides sexiness while the body is still covered up. There are some subtle differences between nightgowns and these two lingerie. Chemises are usually fit, and babydolls are much looser. The chemises provide a snugger, and the body skims around, hitting the middle part of the thighs.

On the other hand, babydolls provide more support to the chest area. It often has cups for chest support and a shorter hemline than the chemises. Due to the design of the two, which are like an everyday dress, the attention it gives to the body is very proportionate. The bust and waist area draws considerable attention thanks to the dress-like cut.

Both babydolls and chemises are great for everyone. If you are still unsure of your partner's measurements, getting a baby doll or chemises is a safe choice. There are a lot of different designs for both lingerie styles that can fit any body shape and size. If you plan intimate time in your bedroom, you can add layers to the outfit by wearing bras and panties.


Crotchless lingerie have been a popular choice to add more spice to the bedroom. From the word itself, you probably have a hint of how the outfit looks. Crotchless lingerie are literally designed that way. The lingerie is great to pair with your partner's favorite undergarments like panties or thongs. They are usually made from silk or sheer fabric, which are both comfortable to wear.

 open cup lingerie in black

Open Cup lingerie also speak for itself. It has nothing to cover up the bust area, the breast area doesn't have any cup or support to hold the breasts, and the appearance is similar to clothes that cut around the bust area. However, there are still open cup lingerie that still support the bust area but still have the design of showing the bust. 

Open cup and crotchless lingerie is arguably the naughtiest outfit on this list. They both offer sultry and sex appeal and are fun to experiment with. It is an excellent gift to level up your relationship in the bedroom. Not only it provides more sexiness to your partner, but it also has endless freedom of undergarments that your partner can try on.


 two piece heart lingerie set

If you are bored of giving your partner chocolates and flowers and want to try something different, this list will guide you through buying the perfect gift for your partner. Lingerie have been around since the late nineteenth century, and every woman wishes to receive lingerie from their partner. You have many options to choose whether it is a revealing outfit or a more conservative one.

Valentine's day is a fun event to give your partner something they will remember for a very long time. Choosing a gift for your partner causes a lot of pressure, especially if you follow the latest fashion trend. However, you have to keep in mind that the purpose of lingerie is to boost self-confidence and highlight sexiness. Lingerie is a tool to enhance every woman's body features.

Whatever type of lingerie you have decided to buy as a present for your partner will surely make them the hottest and sexiest person on the planet. It's the best opportunity to strengthen your bond by experiencing new things like this intimate wear as a gift.

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