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Halloween is the best night of the year for women. It’s when they get to be all crazy and sexy, and it’s even better if you can do it in a costume! Halloween parties are also one of those events where you can be a different personality for a night. In this case, you can be your favorite character and still be sexy. The thing is, choosing the best costume design could be a little taxing especially if you don’t know the right place to get one from. Still, looking for inspiration? Get ready to dress up because these top picks for women's sexy Halloween costumes will rock your Halloween night!  

Playboy Bunny Costume

If you want sexy, the word “Playboy” always comes to mind. The 8-piece Playboy Tuxedo comes with cropped halter-style vest, velvet panties, and sexy garters, which come in black, red, and white. It also has bunny heads for vest buttons to give you that sexy, luxurious look. The costume is made of plush velvet fabric that makes it not only look good but also feel good. Oh, and this costume will never be complete without the bunny ears and other accouterments that are included in the package. 

Sexy Mermaid Costume

If you’re going for a classic Halloween head-turner, then maybe get the 3-piece Majestic Mermaid. This package includes a lace-up corset, sequin skirt with layered organza, and shell tiara with purple and aqua as the dominant colors. There’s no need to worry about finding the perfect fit either as this costume is available in different sizes so anybody can easily slay this getup and still get the same sexy and daring impression.

America’s Superhero Captain Costume

Are you ready for something serious? Get ready to go to war with the 2PC America’s Superhero Captain. This sexy Captain America costume is the perfect way to show off your love of superheroes. The outfit comes with a long-sleeved vinyl romper with a low front zip. A star detail and a red, white, and blue color scheme that represents the American flag will make it even more patriotic. Along with the sexy zip-up closure and alluring attached garters, finish it off with white high-heeled boots to get the best Halloween getup.

Princess Leia Costume

Feeling a little nerdy this time? If you want an outfit that’s out of this world, then you should consider joining the rebel alliance and dress up like Princess Leia from Star Wars! The 3PC War Princess Costume is a great way to celebrate Halloween, especially if you’re looking for something that will get everyone talking. This classic Star Wars character costume features a triangle top, double panel skirt, and choker with an attached leash. The golden touch makes it look mesmerizing and blends with whatever Halloween party you’re attending. This sure takes you back to the glory days of the film during the ‘80s.

sexy schoolgirl costume

Naughty Schoolgirl Costume

Is it summer already? Or is this schoolgirl costume just too hot for Halloween? The 2PC School Girl Nerd costume includes a white collared crop top with a built-in tie. This hip outfit rocks a classic red plaid pleated miniskirt that will surely show off your sexy legs. It gives you that hint of naughtiness without being too overpowering. With this outfit, you won’t have to try so hard in standing out, you already got the attention of the class!

Sexy Alice in Wonderland Costume

Are you expecting something like Alice herself? Well, think again. We’re doing the March Hare from Alice in Wonderland this time. If you want a little break from the sexy Playboy bunny ears, then this could be a great sexy alternative for you. The 4PC Jittery Rabbit Costume comes with a romper as the base of the outfit with a pocket watch pattern printed on the front. Paired with a denim-like crop top jacket and white rabbit ears, there’s no doubt that anybody would get the jitters just by looking at it.

Wonder Women sexy costume

Wonder Woman Costume

Get ready to save the world with this awesome female superhero costume! The 4PC Mighty Comic Hero Costume is inspired by the famous character from the DC universe, Wonder Woman! If you want to be a superhero, then this is the best option for you. It will give your look an extra level of sexiness and power that other costumes cannot offer. This costume features a haltered tie top, waist cincher with lace-up back detail, high-waisted shorts with an attached rope, and a gold headband. If saving the day is your thing, then you’ll never go wrong with this outfit. 

Black Cat Woman Costume

In the same way that Batman’s cowl is a symbol of his mission and ideals, Catwoman’s costume is a symbol of femininity. If fierce is what you want, then look no further than the 2PC Fierce Catwoman Costume. This black catsuit has a romper with a harness and headband ears that make her look like an urban predator ready for action. You can easily wear this Halloween costume at parties or just out on the town with your friends! 

Tinker Bell Costume

Ready your pixie dust because you’re going to fly with this next outfit. This 2PC Mischievous Fairy Costume will wow your fellows as it features a mini dress drenched in glitter and transparent wings with a delicate wing pattern. This is probably one of the famous costumes that Halloween party-goers would like to go as.  


When choosing the best Halloween costume, always make sure you get the costume that best represents your personality and style. Whether you’re trying to impress your friends at the party or looking for an awesome costume, never forget to be creative with your costume design. The best thing about Halloween is that it’s fun and can be a great opportunity for self-expression. There is always a costume out there for everyone and with so many different styles to choose from, it’s easy to find one that fits your personality. If you want something more unique or sexy, then our suggestions above could be great options for you.

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