December 08, 2020 3 min read

Lingerie can make a great gift—for both you and your partner. But how do you know which lingerie is right for her? With such a vast list of styles to choose from, we’re not surprised if you’re having a hard time finding something to put under the Christmas tree. This blog should help you get some excellent ideas from sexy and strappy lingerie options to more comfortable yet sexy gowns and robes.

Christmas-Inspired Lingerie

It’s the holiday season, so why not let the holidays guide you to the perfect lingerie gift? We have several Christmas-inspired lingerie varieties that feature red fabric with a soft white fringe, from a simple bra-and-panty or comfortable satin teddy to a more adventurous, strappy teddy that features a large bow for “unwrapping” your partner. It’ll be a gift that you both look forward to reusing every holiday season.


If you’re at all uncertain about your partner’s style or preferences when it comes to lingerie, teddies are always a great option. While there are still numerous varieties available that are considered teddies, this type of lingerie generally flatters all body types. They’re relatively simple in their basic design and can be quite comfortable if you choose soft lace, satin, or similar fabrics. However, if you’re looking to add some flare, you can look for teddies with more straps, mesh, or a crotchless design for extra fun.

Baby Dolls

Is your partner the sweet, shy type? Does this personality carry over into her wardrobe? Then she’s probably not going to be thrilled with something that’s all straps and cutouts. Instead, get her a baby doll dress. These flirty little numbers are perfect for the woman who’s just beginning to explore her sexy side. You can opt for something sheer with matching panties for a little extra sexiness without making her feel too uncomfortable to wear your gift.

Elegant Satin Robe


Lingerie isn’t always about thongs and garters. Sometimes, the sexiest thing is helping your partner to feel comfortable in her skin. A robe that’s both comfortable and sexy can be the perfect addition to her lingerie wardrobe.

We have many robes that show off plenty of legs and other skin, but which pair beautifully with our other lingerie. She can slip a robe on over any lingerie set and add an extra layer of seduction to your bedroom activities. You’ll both enjoy the anticipation of that robe coming off to reveal what’s underneath.

Satin Lounge Sets

Finally, be sure to think about her comfort when shopping for lingerie. She knows you want to see her in something sexy and revealing, but perhaps the perfect gift for her this year is more comfortable for everyday use. We offer several comfortable lingerie options, like short satin sets, satin lounge sets, and fuzzy rompers. These pieces are beautiful, flirtatious, and alluring without requiring your partner to figure out which straps go where. And when she knows that her being comfortable is just as important to you as her looking sexy, you can bet she’ll show her appreciation.

Choosing the perfect lingerie gift depends heavily on your partner’s personality and preferences, so be sure to think about what she wants from her lingerie, rather than picking the first thing you find sexy. If she already has lingerie in her wardrobe, base your choices off of what she already owns to ensure it’s something she’ll like and use—and don’t forget to check her size! If you’re looking for lace and satin lingerie, be sure to check out our vast catalog here at Rave Fix!

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