October 01, 2020 5 min read

RaveFix 2020 Halloween Costume Collection 

2PC Beauty Ringmaster - Bodysuit with Lace-Up Detail and Fringe Shoulder Pads, & Top Hat
Includes Bodysuit with Lace-Up Detail and Fringe Shoulder Pads, and Top Hat. Get ready to run the show with style! The 2pc Beauty Ringmaster includes an incredibly sexy bodysuit that hugs your every curve and highlights your most alluring attributes. The lace-up detail on the front of this outfit gently traces your chest and the padded fringe shoulders perfectly complete the look. In this sexy outfit you'll be able to tame even the most wild of lions! The 2pc Beauty Ringmaster will make you master of the evening as you acquire the adoring gaze of all your lucky spectators. Show off your curves in the form-fitting ringmaster bodysuit. This alluring outfit perfectly highlights your beauty with a front lace detail that will drive your fans as wild as circus beasts. The padded fringe shoulder pads complete this outfit perfectly and help you establish your dominance. Unleash your wild side and tame the hearts of all you encounter with the 2pc Beauty Ringmaster!
3PC kinky Unicorn - Horn Headband, Bodysuit with Attached Faux Fur Tail, & Iridescent Harness
Includes Horn Headband, Bodysuit with Attached Faux Fur Tail, and Iridescent Harness. There is nothing more enticing than the exotic! Unleash your own kinky magic on the world with the 3pc Sexy Unicorn! This sexy bodysuit with attached faux fur tail hugs your every curve and includes a horn headband and iridescent harness to help you cast your spell on all who gaze upon your beauty! Fly down from your unicorn cloud in the sky and let your kinky side shine with this 3pc Kinky Unicorn. This sexy black bodysuit with attached faux fur tail will hug every inch of your body and perfectly highlight your magical curves. The included iridescent harness will trace your figure like a glistening rainbow as gently dangling chains help your hips hypnotize those lucky enough to witness your exquisite radiance. Whether youre looking to add a little kink to your night, or want to cast your magic upon the world there is no sexier choice than the 3pc Kinky Unicorn.
2PC Naughty School Girl - Crop Top with Underboob Detail & Skirt
Includes Crop Top with Underboob Detail and Skirt Get kinky with this naughty school girl two piece costume that includes a sexy crop top showing off some skin with checkered detail and a short school girl checkered skirt. This outfit is one that will make you feel like you’re up to do no good. It covers just enough skin to leave space to desire more but will show off and accentuate your fabulous form. The sexy white crop top allows the base of your breasts to fall below the edge of the fabric, enticing your lovers to want more of what lies underneath. The short checkered skirt hugs the base of your buttocks that would be revealed with the slightest movement. You can touch and play and tease in this outfit and you and do everything that you're not supposed to do! If you play the part, you might just get the spanking that you have been asking for!
Includes Shredded Coat with Faux Fur and Chain Detail, Snakeskin Romper and Skeleton Hat This will be the death of a boring night. The Voodoo Queen gets what she wants. She uses her mystical black magic to draw her victims. They suddenly beg her to cast a spell on them. This costume shows off your curves in all the right places. Notice how the faux fur around the shoulders, the coats sexy cut magically gives you an hourglass figure. Snakeskin tanga and white ruffled cuffs instantly gives you mystical seductive powers. Skeleton hat shows people you’re the queen of voodoo.
Includes Sequin Bodysuit with Bow Belt, and Sequin Bow Headband. Try this sexy two piece doll costume for some fun to set the night a blaze. With a bright pink sequin bodysuit coupled with a charming bow belt that flawlessly accentuates the shapes of your body and a matching bow headband, you will be without a doubt the image of absolute perfection. You will dazzle and entice anyone that comes near you once you are wearing this perfect costume. Enjoy the way it hugs you like a glove, with a high leg cut that makes your luscious legs at once out of this world and shows off the shape of your waist while exposing the perfect amount of skin on your cheeks to make the form of your booty irresistible to squeeze. Watch as this suit outlines an immaculate cleavage leaving anyone in your presence unable to remove their gaze from your breasts once you have turned to face them. In this costume every part of you will be undeniably perfect and totally delicious.
Includes Camouflage Bodysuit with Faux Leather Straps and Studs. This explosive costume will make you the sexiest sergeant in town! The 1pc Army Hottie includes a low cut camo bodysuit that hugs your every curve and will do anything but make you blend in! Take command of your evening and stand out from the army of boring costumes with the incredibly sexy 1pc Army Hottie!

Take your evening by storm with this commandingly sexy 1pc Army Hottie outfit. This costume includes a camo print bodysuit that is perfectly low-cut and highlights all of your best features. You will do anything but blend in with this camo bodysuit! Whether you are out on a mission to have a steamy evening, or you are going to be giving some direct orders to a certain someone, the intoxicatingly sexy 1pc Army Hottie will have you looking as hot as napalm and keep your night blazing until the break of dawn!



Includes Romper with Fringe Detail and Studded Peace Sign. Allow yourself to feel free, comfortable and at ease all the while indulging in your sexuality in this one piece lover outfit with a playful fringe detail and a studded peace sign just below the breasts. This enticing gold outfit will  bring out the lover in anyone when given the chance. Enjoy the way it makes your skin glow and shine, no matter what shade. The soft fabric hugs your body tightly, accentuating your brilliant curves and forms. The high leg cut will outline your perfect waist and luscious legs while the low cleavage will lure in the lovers of your evening. Have fun with the hanging fringe detail as it adds a little something special to the way you feel when you move and sway your body from side to side, allowing the soft fabric to gently caress your skin as would the gentle touch of the hands of a lover. 

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