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There’s a lot to learn when you first enter the rave scene. While rave culture is fun and vibrant and full of acceptance for every type of person, there are also unwritten rules and unique fashion trends that can be hard to grasp for a first-time raver. If you’re new to the rave scene and are trying to put together your first rave outfit, we can help. Keep reading to get an introductory course in rave clothing for women.

Remember, Everything is a Suggestion

Before we dive in, we want to make something abundantly clear: Rave culture is all about freedom. It’s about letting your personality shine through and freely expressing yourself without fear of judgment. So if the trends we mention below don’t speak to who you truly are, remember, it’s all a suggestion. Find something that makes you feel comfortable, confident, and entirely yourself. That’s the most important part of rave culture and the one rave clothing rule that everybody should follow!

Bold Colors

Typical clothing fashions often focus on more muted colors. In fact, many of the places we go in everyday life might frown upon very vibrant colors. Because raves are all about letting loose and being as free as possible, bold colors are the top trend in rave outfits. Neon green, hot pink, and bright aqua are all popular choices for rave outfit colors. They exude happiness and excitement, which is also an important part of your outfit choice because your clothes are part of the vibe you share.

Metallic Shines

Many rave outfits also have a metallic shine to them, making them sparkle and stand out in the lights of the party. When combined with bright colors, a metallic shine can be the perfect way to elevate your outfit and create that stunning, eye-catching look you want at a rave.

Wild Accessories

With rave outfits, it’s often the accessories that pull it all together. Many people use raves to put together a bold, bodycon look, even dressing up as certain characters or mythical creatures. If you attend a rave, don’t be surprised to find a dragon, fairy, mermaid, alien, ninja, or other recognizable looks out on the dance floor. You’ll also likely see a lot of animal ears paired with colorful outfits—a popular way to add a unique twist to an otherwise straightforward bodysuit or other rave clothing staple.

Provocative Cuts

If we’re being completely honest, rave clothing is also about showing off a lot more skin than you would on any normal day. Again, it’s an element connected to the freedom and overall self-expression that’s encouraged in rave culture. Many rave outfits include sheer materials that show off almost everything underneath, high-cut bottoms and low-cut tops, and other clothing items that look like they would be more at home on the beach. For many women, a rave is an opportunity to show off your sexy side and be as provocative as possible.

Rave Outfits Bodysuits

Rave Basics

With all this being said, there are a few basic types of rave clothing that you should be familiar with:

  1. Romper – A romper typically has a cut similar to a one-piece swimsuit, with high leg hole cutouts and minimal straps. However, the exact styling can vary widely, with some showing a lot more skin than others.
  2. Bodysuit – These are also one-piece items but typically cover more of your body, with some covering all the way to wrists and ankles.
  3. Separates – This can include a crop top and booty shorts or bikini-style separates. There’s a huge range of materials and styles included.

Now that you know a little more about rave fashion check out our online catalog to find rave outfits, bodysuits, and more.

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