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With the popularity of dance music continually on the rise, the number of new ravers also makes its way into the community. Whether it’s to seek a quick refuge from reality or just an excuse to let loose and be a little weird, raving has always been there for avid fans and loyalists of the dance movement.

Nevertheless, being a newcomer to the scene can be a little daunting and possibly overwhelming. It’s an avenue where you get to meet over 50 people and become friends in an instant, seeing people high-five each other or hug one another — all while wearing a tutu or a dinosaur onesie. 

Yet regardless of whether you’re a seasoned raver or a newbie, raving can get hot and sweaty. Here’s a guide on what to wear for raves and EDM parties, as well as essentials to take along with you to keep you feeling your best and cutest all throughout. Everything here should be found at rave clothing stores that cater to EDM wear for women

Make Sure to Wear a Cozy Pair of Shoes

Raves mean bumping around a lot of people especially when you’re killing it on the dance floor, so it’s best to wear closed toe shoes to keep your feet protected. Keep in mind that your shoe choice is just as important as the rest of your outfit, and as long as you’re comfortable, it’ll do just fine whether you’re wearing combat boots, sneakers, or platforms. Anything that'll get you through 8 hours (or even more!) of dancing should do well.

Get Crazy with Unique Costumes

Rave outfits should be both stylish and functional. Comfort is just as important as looks, especially when you’re going to be out dancing for hours. Everyone has a varied threshold of comfort level, some may be comfortable wearing sky-high platforms, and others would prefer mesh tops over curve-hugging corsets and rave bodysuits. Whatever lets your personal style shine, go for it. 

Get a Set of Ear Plugs

High-fidelity ear plugs are becoming a more and more essential part of raving. With long hours of loud music playing, you would want to keep your ears’ health in check if you want to continue listening to music later in life. High-fidelity earplugs are noise-reducing without compromising the sound quality, so you get to listen to your favorite sets without worrying about damaging your eardrums.

As for camping festivals, it’s always a good idea to pack a pair of foam earplugs. This is so you wouldn’t lose sleep because of the people partying at the other sites. You’ll need to get enough rest so you can go off again the next day.

rave bodysuits and jumpsuit

Prepare a Backpack or Fanny Pack with Your Essentials 

A cute fanny pack can do so much not just for your looks but for your essentials as well. This will keep all your valuables safe and secure, with your hands free. Enjoy your rave without worrying about losing your things.

Don’t Forget a Hydration Pack

Maintaining hydration is a key part of raving, but it’s easily one of the most neglected because it’s really easy to find yourself caught up in the hours of music. Bottled waters tend to be overpriced at festivals, but you’ll also find water refilling stations that are free. This is where hydration packs come in handy, since they’re lightweight and can hold enough water for a set. So aside from your favorite rave bodysuit, it’s best to find a hydration pack that matches it too.

Fancy a Face Mask or a Bandana

Some locations can be dusty, especially with dust and debris getting kicked up from thousands of people in attendance. So, protect your lungs and cover them up with a cute and trippy face mask or a bandana. 

Get Rave Glasses for Extra Eye Protection

Rave goggles and glasses are always a fun addition to any rave and EDM outfit. Stage productions can get quite intense, so it’s best to consider keeping a pair of shades on you for the extreme lasers, strobe lights, and visuals especially if you have sensitive eyes. Other than that, you can up your experience with kaleidoscope goggles and diffraction goggles to get trippy visuals.


Rave and EDM parties are more fun when you’re comfortable and safe. So, from your choice of shoes to eye protection, it’s best to come prepared. A lot of rave clothing stores have everything in this guide, especially rave clothing. Rave bodysuits are all the trends in party wear nowadays, but don’t forget about this guide when you need to do a quick check.

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