June 05, 2021 3 min read

With much of the country returning to some semblance of normal, most ravers are looking forward to EDC and the return of raves and music festivals around the country. Unfortunately, the Electric Daisy Carnival was canceled this year, and many fans were saddened that the Las Vegas event could not take place in May this year (the traditional time of year for EDC). However, the massive electronic music festival is scheduled for October of 2021. If you’re looking forward to getting back on the rave scene (whether at EDC 2021 or another event), here are a few essential pieces of rave wear for women you need to add to your wardrobe.


A romper is a great base piece for an outfit, or it can be a sexy ensemble all its own. Rompers come in countless styles, cuts, and colors. From lace-up fronts to star-shaped cutouts, there are so many options to choose from. Rompers are incredibly sexy and flattering for just about everybody type. Find one in a style and color you love, and work that romper with total confidence!

Bikini Set

Bikini sets are incredibly comfortable and versatile. You can wear a matching bikini set on its own, or pair a bikini top with a pair of booty shorts, or mix and match sets. There are countless options out there and many styles to choose from. If you want something that doesn’t look like it’s straight from the beach, be sure to look for colors and details that follow common rave fashion trends. Studs and black leather are one common trend that looks incredibly sexy on a bikini top. And, of course, sequins, pastels, and metallic finishes are definitely in style.

Sheer Shirt

Sheer clothing is a rave fashion staple. It allows you to keep cool while adding layers and style to your outfit. A sheer shirt over a bikini top or even a cut set of pasties is an excellent EDC outfit option. While black is a prevalent color for sheer tops, as they allow any colors you’re wearing underneath to shine through, keep in mind that there are other color options out there. So if you want something more colorful, go for it!

Flirty Skirt

While many rave outfits err on the side of sleek and sexy, don’t be afraid to add something flirty and feminine to your outfit this year. Tutus were popular not too long ago, so you could bring one of those back into your rave wardrobe. Or, opt for an open-front skirt that’s long in the back for a classy look that’s still comfortable and allows a complete range of motion.

Hydration Pack

Water’s no less important this year than in years past. So, if you don’t have a hydration pack already, make sure to get one! In the wake of COVID-19, it’s a good idea to make sure you have your own personal water source, rather than relying on drinking fountains used by the general public. And, of course, it’s always a good idea to match your pack to your outfit.

Strappy Sequin Lace-up Cropped Top

Face Mask

You probably now own more face masks than you’ve ever owned before in your life. But add a few more to your collection, and find or make some that match your rave outfit for EDC this year. Even as COVID-19 ebbs, face coverings have long been a staple at electronic music festivals, where large groups of dancers kick up large amounts of dust. And it’s still a good idea to wear face masks and coverings in large groups.

If you’re getting ready for EDC 2021, be sure to check out our online rave clothing store for a vast selection of rave outfits and accessories to help you get ready!

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