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Lingerie can be a powerful tool for your partner, lover, or mother. It shows them care and affection while also making them feel sexy and beautiful. Christmas lingerie is perfect to make your night with your partner extra special and spicy. The right lingerie can help you connect with your woman in new ways—and it's even more fun when you get creative! Here are some ideas for gifts that will make her smile.

sexy lingerie for christmas gifts


There are many types of garter belts, which can be worn in various ways. You may have seen them on the red carpet at the Emmys or Golden Globes, but they're also great for everyday wear!

Garters are fabulous for those who like to show off their legs while maintaining their modesty. Many women prefer wearing these under other lingerie items because they feel more comfortable than open-backed styles or thongs—and some even prefer them over stockings or tights if you're looking for an extra sexy touch that's sure not to go unnoticed by your man.


A robe is a great gift for every woman. Robes are comfortable and easy to wear, whether you're lounging around the house or dressing up for an evening out. Depending on your mood, you can wear them in the bedroom or living room!

There's no shortage of options when choosing a robe: there are robes with long ties, buttons down the front, and scarves at the neckline—just about every style imaginable!


Bra and panty set

A bra and panty set is an excellent gift for the woman in your life. They can be anything from simple to elegant, but they should always match.

If you're buying for someone who doesn't wear bras often, it's best to buy one that fits well so there are no issues with fit later on.

The same goes for panties; if your friend has an issue with the tightness or comfortability of their current pair, this may not be the best option for them!

 sexy christmas lingerie for her

A Perfect Teddy Lingerie

Teddy is a term used to describe lingerie and other types of intimate apparel. It's also the name of a character in the book, "The Princess Bride."

Teddy lingeries are a trendy holiday gift, but there are so many options available that it can be challenging to find one that fits your taste perfectly.

  • What Is A Teddy?

A teddy is any underwear that covers everything from ankles down—and sometimes even goes beyond just protecting your legs! Several different kinds are available on today's market—including thongs (basically just bikini bottoms) and boy shorts (which cover only half their length). You'll also find teddies with lace tops or intricate patterns throughout them; these tend to be very feminine in style but still give plenty of coverage underneath them without being too revealing or restrictive. Suppose you're not sure exactly what type suits your partner best while shopping around at department stores or online retailers. In that case, you have to visit a reliable website, where all information about each type are available so that when making decisions about which styles would work best for others' needs as well as their tastes then, knowing beforehand may help make those decisions easier later down the line when deciding where else should go next time shopping around town.

Loungewear or pajamas

Pajamas are a great gift idea for a woman who has everything. You can find pajamas in all price ranges, styles and colors, sizes, and lengths. The possibilities are endless!

If you know your friend is always up at night reading or working on her laptop, getting them a pair of white cotton lounge pants with classic stitching might be what they need to relax after a long day at work or school.

If you want something more stylish than basic lounge pants (or if your friend doesn't like wearing anything remotely soft), consider buying her an elegant pair of silk nightgowns to impress anyone who sees them on her bedside table!

Cami and ruffled shorts

Cami and ruffled shorts are an excellent gift for the women in your life. You can buy them any color you want, so they'll look good with any skin tone. The cami is comfortable and sexy, while the ruffled shorts are easy to sleep in—perfect if you want something that will last long enough for your mom to wear during her post-surgery recovery period!

Cami & Ruffled Shorts:

  • Comfortable loungewear for lounging around the house or wearing out
  • Easy sleeping wear (very soft fabric)

sexy teddy corset lingerie

A sexy corset

A corset is an excellent gift for a woman who loves to look sexy but may not have the body type or desire to wear lingerie. Corsets are also perfect for showing off your partner's figure and making them feel confident about their appearance.

Choose a corset based on what she already wears, how much skin you want to be exposed to (or covered), and how much support she needs. If it's going to be worn under clothing often, consider buying something that can be adjusted at the waistline by loosening ties behind her back. If you're looking for something with less structure than traditional corsets—or want something comfortable while still giving off some sex appeal—try buying her one made of soft leather instead of metal or plastic materials; these materials tend not only to prevent chafing but also allow movement within tight spaces like waistline adjustments!

Kimono-style robe

A kimono-style robe is an excellent gift for any woman, but it's entertaining and sexy when you give one to a lady who loves to lounge around the house or go out for drinks on the weekend. You can find kimono robes in many different colors and styles, so many options are available to suit your budget.

If you're unsure what kind of robe would work best for someone special in your life (or if they've already got one), consider buying them something else—like lingerie!



If you're looking for a lingerie gift that's sure to please, body stockings are the way to go. They come in all styles and colors and can be worn with or without other pieces of lingerie. Body stockings are also super versatile—you can match them with any clothing!

Design Meets Desire

Lingerie gifts for women are no longer just about the feeling of luxury. They're also about expressing your love and support in a way that shows you care. It's time to give the gift of style, comfort, and confidence!

Design Meets Desire offers high-quality lingerie at affordable prices — an original design with every piece. Our wide range of sizes makes it easy to find something perfect for everyone on your list (even if they don't fit into one category). If you want something with more than just a hint of sexy appeal, we have those, too: see our selection here!

Whether you're looking for a gift to remember your loved one and honor their personality or get something new that meets their needs and desires, lingerie can be a great choice. Lingerie will always be a sexy and sensual way to express yourself—but with these gifts, it's also a practical way to help them celebrate their body!

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