July 24, 2020 3 min read

A mini dress is a perfect blend of sexy and sophisticated. They show your skin and flatter your figure, but also have an air of elegance about them. This effortless combination makes them the perfect choice for a night out at the club, a rave, or even a private party. But if you’ve never worn this type of mini dress before, you might not be sure how to style it. Here are a few tips to help you wear any of our party dresses with total confidence.

Choosing the Right Shoes

The shoes are the first obvious decision you have to make when deciding how to style your mini dress. The selection you make should be based on the kind of party you’ll be attending. First and foremost, you want to make sure you’re wearing a shoe that is comfortable and practical enough for whatever you’ll be doing. So, if you’re planning to dance the night away, those sky-high heels probably aren’t the best choice. However, if you’ll simply be mingling and enjoying drinks at the club, your heels can really amp up the sex appeal of your mini dress.

Of course, some people find the combination of a mini dress and super high heels to be a bit too sexy and aren’t totally comfortable wearing it. That’s fine! And it definitely doesn’t mean you have to pass up that mini dress altogether. Consider pairing your dress with a pair of flats or even sparkly sandals to add a bit of a more casual touch to your mini dress.

Choosing Your Jewelry

The jewelry you choose will be heavily influenced by the neckline of the dress you’ve selected. You want to pick something that accentuates the dress without overwhelming it. If you have something with a simple neckline, such as a straight halter or a standard V-neck, you can wear just about any jewelry you choose.

For dresses that are rather simple, with few details, you might want to err on the side of larger, more eye-catching jewelry. A simple mini dress acts as a great canvas so that you can make your jewelry selections the center of attention. If you have a dress with a much deeper, dramatic V-neckline, such as one of our cowl neck dresses, consider wearing a simple, yet extremely long necklace to accentuate that V and the skin it exposes.

If your dress has a more unusual neckline, be more selective about the jewelry you wear with it. In some cases, such as dresses with lace-up fronts or crosshatch details in the necklines, it might be best not to wear a necklace at all and instead opt for a larger pair of earrings and a few bracelets. Such detailed necklines add plenty of visual interest to the dress without the need for necklaces.


Depending on the occasion, you may want to consider pairing your mini dress with a simple shawl or scarf. For more casual affairs, even a cardigan or jacket can pair well. This extra layer is not only useful if you’re attending a party in the cooler months, but it adds a touch of allure by giving you something you can shed later on. For higher-class events, a silk shawl over the shoulders works perfectly. If you’re simply going out for a night at the club, a cropped leather jacket might work well with your dress.

Whether you’re looking for something sexy, sophisticated, or somewhere in between, Rave Fix has it all. From a skin-tight vinyl mini dress to a slinky cowl neck dress,  you’re sure to find something in our catalog that you can wear with total confidence. Take a look at what we have to offer now!

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