November 05, 2020 2 min read

Christmas is an excellent time of year. For a lot of women, that means dressing a lot sexier than they usually would. But when it comes to a sexy Christmas costume, there can be a fine line between sexy and naughty. How can you keep it sexy and wear that costume with confidence and class? Keep reading for some tips.

Think Outside the Box

There are some sexy Christmas costumes that you’ll see every year. When was the last time you went to a Christmas party and didn’t see a sexy Santa, a Nutcracker, and a sexy Elf? While there’s a reason these costumes come around every year, they can get tired, and the lack of originality can make it seem like you didn’t put much thought into the costume, aside from wanting to look sexy.

When you branch out of the stereotypical sexy costumes, you’re naturally going to get more attention based on your costume, rather than just based on the amount of skin you’re showing. So, take some time to think about what you want to be, rather than just grabbing the first costume that shows off your legs.

Wear More than Underwear

Yes, you’ve probably heard that Christmas is the time to wear some form of lingerie and sweaters. But you deserve to be classier than that, so wear more than just underwear and elf ears. Costumes can be incredibly sexy without looking like you’re auditioning to be a lingerie model. Bodysuits are one good example of a sexy way to put together a costume without stripping down to your underwear; they hug your curves and show off your body in the best possible way.

Don’t assume that a sexy costume has to mean a minimal amount of fabric. A sexy costume is all about showing off your best features, and you can do that in more than your underwear.

Christmas Nutcracker Beauty

Move-In It

Before you celebrate Christmas with that special someone:

  1. Check your costume from every possible angle.
  2. Bend over.
  3. Sit down and stand up.
  4. Jump in place for a minute.
  5. Raise your arms over your head.

Squat. Move-in every possible way you can think of to ensure that your costume is going to stay in place. Why is this necessary?

Well, few things take a costume from “sexy” to “naughty” as quickly as an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction. And besides, wouldn’t you rather spend the night having fun with your friends, rather than continually having to adjust your costume to keep yourself covered?

Be Confident

Finally, pick a costume that you feel confident in. If you’re uncomfortable with how much skin a costume shows, don’t wear it! Everyone will be able to see that you feel out of your element. Find something that makes you feel sexy while allowing you to have fun, and the rest will take care of itself.

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