Snake Lace-Up Waist Cincher with Garters

With Garters, your favorite lingerie pieces get a rave-worthy makeover in our Snake Lace-Up Waist Cincher. The main panel of this outfit piece has a corset-inspired look, with an unmistakable lace-up front that helps give you a narrower waist and smoother silhouette while adding style and sex appeal to any rave outfit. Attached to the bottom of the waist cincher is a pair of matching garters. The single strap runs down the front of your leg before encircling your thigh to create a strappy, sexy look that will make you feel like you’re stepping out in your most stylish lingerie.

Of course, to get this piece worthy for a rave, we had to add some classic rave details. This waist cincher has a pink metallic shimmer across every inch of the fabric, tapping into that iridescence that’s so popular in rave outfits. The subtle snakeskin print on the fabric adds texture and a unique twist to it as well, making this an irresistible addition to any rave outfit. Our Snake Lace-Up Waist Cincher with Garters Comes in sizes S, M, and L and is available in pink.

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