Sweetheart Robe

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Sweetheart Robe

If you are looking for a night robe to layer on top of your nightdress or lingerie set, our Sweetheart Robe will not disappoint. This robe has a mesh material with heart design detail and lace to cinch in your waist. You can wear this robe to sleep or for a play date with your significant other. If you are all about body positivity, wearing this robe will make you fall in love with your body even more.

The sheer mesh design of this robe gives it a gorgeous look, especially when paired with a satin chemise. It can be a tease, chic, fun, and playful—perfectly designed to showcase your flirty and sexy side. You can easily drape your robe and loosely tie the belt, showcasing parts of your nightwear. Put this pink and black sweetheart robe on for some "me" time or "fun" time with your significant other. Either way, you will be pleased.

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