Open Underwire Cup & Crotchless Holster Short Set

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Open Underwire Cup & Crotchless Holster Short Set.

Birthday suits...we all have ‘em. It’s the great equalizer. There’s no avoiding the fact that when all the clothes come off, we’re still fully dressed in our own, unique, beautiful skin. But what if you want to accent this natural beauty without distracting from it? 

Enter the Open Underwire Cup and Crotchless Holster Short Set. In beige, a “blend in” color for those of us with a lighter skin tone, this strappy set will enhance your curves just enough without taking anything away from what nature intends. A traditional bra with adjustable straps and hook and eye back closure minus the cups and with the addition of criss crossing straps across the chest, the top to this set is eye-popping to say the least. The holster bottom also features adjustable waist straps and hook and eye closure to keep you cinched in just right. With a fully crotchless bottom and more criss crossing straps, this set is completely incomplete. 

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