Pair of Iridescent Shimmer Gloves

Elbow-length gloves make a fun and elegant accessory to any rave outfit and a Pair of Iridescent Shimmer Gloves can be the perfect way to dress up your look. The single loops at the bottom of each glove slide over your middle fingers to help keep them in place. It keeps your hands bare and makes it easier to pick items up or use a touch screen. Forming a triangular peak where the loop encircles your finger, the gloves stretch up to your elbows for an elegant look that can take your rave outfit to the next level.

Of course, every rave outfit needs some shimmer, and our Pair of Iridescent Shimmer Gloves brings plenty of sparkle to your look. Both gloves are made entirely of a sparkling, iridescent fabric that reflects the light in rainbow hues. You can wear these gloves with any of your favorite rave outfits to add some style, elegance, and sparkle to your look. Our Pair of Iridescent Shimmer Gloves comes in one size and four colors: lavender, light green, purple, and silver.

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