Two-Tone Iridescent Zip-Up Vinyl Shorts

Two-Tone Iridescent Zip-Up Vinyl Shorts with Mesh Panel & Attached Garters

There’s a reason that iridescent materials are so popular at raves. This kind of metallic finish comes to life under the glow of dance floor lights, throwing off multicolored flecks in every rainbow hue. It’s a gorgeous effect that our Two-Tone Iridescent Zip-Up Vinyl Shorts with mesh panel & Attached Garters uses to their full advantage. The iridescent vinyl material covers the backside, waistband, and front panel of these high-waisted shorts and adds a shimmer to the attached garters. The side panels on the front are sheer mesh, showing off some extra skin and helping you stay cool as you dance the night away.

These rave shorts are a perfect base piece you can use to build any number of rave outfits or can be worn with our Iridescent Vinyl Cutout Tie-Top for an effortlessly alluring look. The attached garters create a lurid line down the front of your thighs before encircling your leg for a sexy, strappy look. And, of course, you can never go wrong with an extra iridescent shimmer. This item is available in sizes S, M, and L and comes in silver vinyl with white mesh.

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