Garter Belt Leg Straps

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Garter Belt Leg Straps

Which accessory would work better for your rave outfit: leg straps or a garter belt? Well, why not go with both? Our Garter Belt Leg Straps are the best of both worlds, with a sexy belt that hugs your waist and wrap-around leg straps that crisscross their way down your legs. This accessory works perfectly with virtually any rave outfit—especially those that show off your legs, making your skin the perfect canvas for these leg straps to adorn.

Our Garter Belt Leg Straps are available in black and white, so you can find a color that works with any vibe you’re going for and coordinates with every rave outfit. Both colors feature an iridescent shimmer that adds visual interest and a distinctly rave-worthy look. These leg straps are a one-size-fits-all item. Whether you’re wearing a romper, rave shorts, or bikini bottoms, all you have to do is slip on the garter belt, wrap those leg straps around your legs, and your sexy rave outfit will be complete.

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