Shimmer Panty with Strap Detail

Shimmer Panty with Strap Detail

When it comes to rave outfits, you want something with ample sex appeal but enough comfort that you can wear it throughout the night. Our Shimmer Bottoms with Strap Detail provide you with exactly that. The simple bikini-bottom cut stays in place and fits your curves comfortably, without pinching or digging in.

Our Shimmer Bottoms with Strap Detail are available in sizes S, M, and L, and come in light green and lavender. But for all their simplicity and comfort, these bottoms have sex appeal to spare. The high-cut V shape emphasizes your hip, while the extra strap detail gives it something extra to set it apart from other bikini-style rave bottoms. And did we mention the sparkle? You’ll find shimmer over every inch of these bottoms. Pair them with our Shimmer Crop Top with Keyhole and Shimmer Leg Straps with Ring Details, and you’re sure to light up the dance floor.

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