6-Piece Bunny Kit

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Includes Black Bunny Ears, Collar, Bow Tie, Pair of Cuffs, Pair of Cufflinks & Bunny Tail

What’s an outfit without all the right accessories? Knock ‘em dead with all the perfect pieces to complete your ensemble. This 6 piece Playboy Accessory Kit is sure to elevate your look and compliment all kinds of outfits. Pair with one of our killer bodysuits, or your own personal wardrobe fave! 

This kit has absolutely everything you need to get the iconic Playboy charm. All the right details from head to toe ensure that you will be a total knockout, no matter where you’re going. Show off your fine tail with the fun and fluffy little bunny tail that is sure to capture their attention. Add a touch of class with the collar and black bowtie, and the coordinated cuffs with black Playboy logo cufflinks. Don’t forget the most important part...the instantly recognizable black bunny ears! Whether you’re hitting the town or staying in with your own favorite media mogul, this kit is a instant favorite. 

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