5pc Treasure Huntress Costume

Includes Backpack with Fastener Clips, Top, Shorts, Belt with Suspender Hooks and Attached Gun Holsters, and 4 Grenades.

Get ready for some action and adventure in a costume that’s as daring as it is sexy. This five piece Treasure Huntress costume will make you embrace your fierce inner warrior. Show everyone who the star of the show is with an outfit that includes all the accessories an action star could need! 

Keep your eye on the prize while they keep their eyes on you! This outfit is made for doing battle, and conquering the enemies. Never has being tough looked so seductive. This outfit features an understated cool plain white tank with a low cut neckline to show off some cleavage. Pair with the low slung grey short shorts to show off some midriff and a whole lot of butt-kicking legs! Strap on the included belt which features suspenders as well as a whole arsenal of grenades. You’ll need to bring your other weapons in the cool black backpack which has fastener clips to keep in on during battle and frame your cleavage!  

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