Tie-Dye Beaded Headband

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Tie-Dye Beaded Headband

Do you feel like you should have been born in the 60’s? That feeling of freedom and free love is one that’s hard to understand in the 21st century, but with this gorgeous tie-dye headband, you’ll feel the warmth of 1969 envelope your spirit and set you loose on a night that you won’t soon forget!

Beads, Freedom, and Free Love! There is nothing better than being free. All we really want in life is to be free and be loved, and this headband will have you feeling both! This lovely headband embraces the best of the 1960’s with a tie-dye finish that is perfectly accented with beads. It must have been amazing to be alive during the summer of love, but you can keep the spirit alive when you wear this awesome beaded headband. Take your followers on a blast from the past and add the finishing touch to your 60s themed costume!

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