3pc Peace & Love Hippie

3pc Peace & Love Hippie

The summer of love might be long gone at this point, but this costume will most certainly re-ignite the flame of love for at least one night! The 3PC Peace and Love Hippie costume comes with a tye-dye halter top, suede fringe vest, suede pants, and is the perfect way for you to embrace the spirit of freedom!

 The Summer of Love All Over Again! It would have been great to live through the summer of love, but you can reignite the flame with this sexy costume! The 3PC Peace and Love Hippie costume has everything you need to embrace that intoxicating feeling of freedom. Why keep your love bottled up inside when you have so much to give! This gorgeous ensemble comes with a psychedelic tye-dye top that shows just enough as well as a fringe suede vest and suede bell-bottoms that perfectly complete the look!

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