2pc King of the Jungle Lion

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2pc King of the Jungle Lion

Every man has a wild side and when it's time for you to finally unleash the beast, there is no finer choice than the 2 piece King of The Jungle Lion! With a sexy fitted romper and a ferocious lion hood, the jungle inhabitants will have no choice but to drop to their knees and praise the king!

A Wild Costume for a Wild Man! This wildly sexy costume will surely make you king of whatever jungle you roam. The form-fitting romper with fur trim will perfectly highlight your every curve. A ferocious lion hood will accent the fire in your eyes and the mane will be sure to drive them crazy! No one will challenge your mating call with this exotic ensemble. Whether you’re looking to indulge in a wild night out or want to treat your partner to a particularly sexy evening, the two-piece King of the Jungle Lion is a fantastic option!

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