2pc Queen of the Jungle Lion

2pc Queen of the Jungle Lion

Feel like unleashing your wild side? Then you’re going to love the 2 piece Queen of The Jungle Lion! This sexy 2 piece features a ferocious hooded romper with hypnotizing fur trim and a swinging tail. You’ll be the queen of the party with this wildly sexy ensemble!

A Costume for The Wild Woman in You! All of us girls have a wild side, some of us just need a little help bringing it out! This ferociously sexy ensemble will make you feel like the radiant queen of the jungle. You’ll have no problem unleashing your wild side with a fiercely gorgeous hood that highlights your mane and draws attention to your lustful eyes. Your tail won't be the only thing swinging with this costume! A fitted romper perfectly accentuates your every curve and exposes your wildy entrancing midriff. If you’re looking to be the queen, there is no finer choice than the 2 piece Queen of the Jungle Lion!

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