1pc Alluring Assassin Costume

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1pc Alluring Assassin Costume

Simply stunning, this costume is sure to get you noticed this Halloween. Slip into our Alluring Assassin Costume and prepare to make a killing at any party or club you go to this Halloween. Uniquely designed, this costume is a modern spin on an old classic and will make sure that you're the star of the show.

You don’t have to sacrifice comfort this year to look like a total badass. Snag our one piece look and you’re ready to go out and take some captives! This top is made in a classic black fabric that will go with any black bottoms in your wardrobe for a dramatic and dangerous, head to toe chic outfit. It features all kinds of careful detailing that will set you apart from the crowd. This costume has a generous hood to help you slip into the night, a deep neckline to show off your cleavage, and is held together at the shoulders and the sides with multiple small buckles that have silver toned hardware.

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