2pc Goddess of Love

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Includes Maxi Length Dress with High Slits and Gold Applique and Gold Floral Waist Band. 

Indulge in this glamorous two piece goddess of love outfit that includes a maxi length dress with high slits to show off your luscious legs along with a gold applique and gold floral waistband. 

You will undoubtedly own the evening in this elegant but sexy costume, that will let your love shine through. This fabulously flowing dress accentuates the curves of your waist while the high slits show the length of your legs in all their splendour and the low cleavage will have your lovers wanting more of what lies beneath. The fabric covering your body is just enough to hide what is necessary whilst teasing the gaze of those in your presence. You will hold the aura of a goddess once you are wearing this outfit that allows sensuality and femininity to meet in a perfect balance upon your skin and you will feel nothing short of powerful as you entice your lovers into your queenly world.

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