3pc Violent Vixen

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Includes Vinyl Zip-Up Top, Vinyl Shorts and Choker.

Unleash the violence of your lust on the world with the aggressively sexy 3pc Violent Vixen! This outfit comes with a red and black vinyl zip-up top and shorts that hug your every curve and highlights some of your finest attributes with white detail. The included choker perfectly completes this outfit and is a must have for any violent vixen!

There is no person on earth who can resist the demands of a violent vixen! This incredibly sexy 1pc Violent Vixen outfit will help you unleash your more aggressive side with a lusty red black and whit vinyl zip-up top. The included vinyl shorts will hug your every curve and cause your victims to fall violently in lust with every inch of you. No violent vixens evening would be complete without a little choking! The included choker perfectly completes this outfit and will have all who gaze upon you gasping for the breath that has been stolen by the violent vixen in the room!

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