4pc Sexy Steampunk

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Includes Satin Ruffled Skirt, Corset with Short Train, Top Hat, and Goggles.

Is it a blast from the past, or a glimpse into the future? Whatever it is, it's incredibly sexy! Our 4pc Sexy Steampunk comes with a beautifully articulated corset with short train and a ruffled satin skirt. The included hat and steampunk glasses complete this awesome outfit!

Get ready to steal the evening with this incredibly alluring costume! The 4pc Sexy Steampunk Costume comes with a form fitting corset that is beautifully articulated with flower print, brass-style chain detail and short train. Are you from the past, or back from the future? Keep them guessing with this intoxicatingly gorgeous costume! The included tophat and steampunk goggles are the perfect compliment to this outfit and complete this steamy look. Whether you are out for a night on the town, or treating a special someone to some fun, this sexy costume is sure to bring the steam to your evening! 

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