2pc Exotic Crossbreed Leopard Rabbit

Includes Sheer Leopard Bodysuit and Ears.

This sexy costume crosses the classic sexy Rabbit with the raw power of a leopard! The 2pc Exotic Crossbreed Leopard Rabbit comes with an intoxicatingly sexy sheer bodysuit that highlights your curves and embellishes your body with exotic leopard prints. This outfit is perfectly completed with included sexy leopard print Rabbit ears.

Unleash your inner wild-cat with the incredibly sexy 2pc Exotic Crossbreed Leopard Rabbit! There is no bouncing around the fact that this sheer leopard print bodysuit highlights your exotic beauty and accentuates your every curve. If you feel like being a good little Rabbit crossed with a big bad leopard, this outfit will allow you to live out your wildest desires. Whether you are looking to turn heads, or treat that special someone to a night that they will never forget, this naughty ensemble will bring the heat of the jungle and have you bouncing like a Rabbit until the break of dawn!

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