2pc Vampy Vixen

Includes Lace Capelet and Romper with Train. 

Vampires exude sex appeal with more vigor than we mortals ever could. This entrancing two piece costume accentuates your silhouette with a gorgeous black lace cloak and embraces your body in a low-cut red and black maillot. Unlock your inner vixen with the eternally sexy Vampy Vixen costume.

Every midnight endeavor deserves an exciting touch of elegance and this intoxicatingly gorgeous Vampy Vixen costume delivers just that. The Vampy Vixen will have you looking your absolute best while you make your prey feel the heat of the night. Who said eternal life has to be dull? Unlock your inner vixen and let your vamping last until the break of dawn with the elegant lines and alluring lace that highlights your curves and charms with the power of a thousand years lust. If you are looking to add an eternity's worth of desire to your evening then you are going to love the Vampy Vixen.

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