Cutout Shorts with Ring Detail

High-waisted shorts are all the rage in rave fashion this year, but some women find that those high waists cover up too much skin. If you want to hop on the high-waisted trend and flaunt more of your tummy, our Cutout Shorts with Ring Detail may be what you’re looking for. While the waist of these shorts remains high, they dip down into a V shape below your navel, where the metal ring accent adds some visual interest and variety to your look. Two cutouts in front ensure that you can show even more skin, while the high-cut leg holes show off your long, gorgeous legs.

The backside of these shorts features a similar style, with ring detail and cutouts. The shimmering, metallic material makes these bottoms come to life under the light, throwing off dots of every color and ensuring every eye is on you the moment you step onto the dance floor. Of course, the real eye-catcher is the thong back, which shows off your buttocks with pride and confidence. Our Cutout Shorts with Ring Detail come in sizes S, M, and L and are available in light green, purple, and silver.

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