1pc Shimmer Cutout Underboob Triangle Top

The triangle bikini top is a timeless and sexy wardrobe piece, used for everything from swimsuits to lingerie and rave outfits. We took that classic look and made it even sexier with our 1PC Shimmer Cutout Underboob Triangle Top. This top utilizes the basic silhouette of your standard triangle bikini top but adds a keyhole cutout at the bottom of each cup. It provides a tantalizing view of the lower curve of your breasts, making this top truly irresistible.

The material for this top has a subtle shimmer that you may not even notice until the light hits it. Then, it gives off a gorgeous metallic shine that emphasizes this bikini top's sleek and sexy styling. Thanks to its simple silhouette, you can pair this top with just about anything, but we recommend a pair of matching 1PC Shimmer High-Waisted Shorts with Cutout Butt Detail to add a sexy little surprise to the backside of your outfit as well.

Our 1PC Shimmer Cutout Underboob Triangle Top comes in small/medium and medium/large sizes and is available in baby blue, black, pink, purple, and white.

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