1pc Low Rise Sheer Pants with Sequin Chaps Detail

Our 1PC Low Rise Sheer Pants with Sequin Chaps Detail provide all the fun and flirty sex appeal of sparkly chaps, with all the comfort of mesh, and rave pants, rolled into one irresistible rave look. These pants are primarily made from mesh material, offering breathability and comfort that makes it easy for you to move and dance throughout the night. The front of the pants features sections of sparkling sequins shaped to resemble a pair of chaps, giving them a unique look and that essential shimmer you’ll find on most rave outfits these days.

These pants give the illusion of chaps while providing complete comfort from top to bottom. As fashionable as chaps are, they can pinch and dig in as you dance at a rave. Because these pants are primarily mesh, we recommend layering them over your favorite thong or bikini bottoms for adequate coverage. Pair them with a matching top, and you’ll have a rave look that’s stylish, sexy, and unique.

Our 1PC Low Rise Sheer Pants with Sequin Chaps Detail come in sizes S, M, and L. They are available in black mesh with jade blue sequins or lavender mesh with sequins in a paler, silvery shade of lavender.

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