Pair of Ninja Tridents

Pair of Ninja Tridents

The perfect accessories are just a click away! What’s an outfit without the right finishing touches? Embrace your inner badass with our pair of Ninja Tridents. These ninja tridents have been specially designed to look like the real thing. Grab a pair of these and prepare to make a killing this Halloween.

Strap these onto your costume and look like a real life action star, ready for any adventure or challenge. These silver toned tridents are an excellent addition to your ninja costume this year. They feature life-like modeling, silver toned tri forked ends with a long central piece, and black handles for you to grasp firmly. They can be slipped into a belt or strapped onto your body.  Add an air of mystery and danger to your costume choice, and pair with one of our cool and sexy ninja ensembles. Get ready for plenty of admirers when they see your bad girl sex appeal; they will be begging for you to take them hostage.

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