February 07, 2022 3 min read

While it’s true that women put on lingerie to excite and please their partners, many women also enjoy putting on sexy lace and satin lingerie just for themselves. In fact, some women have been known to wear lingerie when nobody else is home, simply because they love to wear it. But why, exactly, do most women love to wear sexy lingerie? What makes it so appealing? Here are just a few reasons why so many women are feeling the lingerie love.

Feeling Confident

Most women struggle with body image issues. Between Hollywood and social media, there are so many images out there telling women what the ideal body type is and pointing out all the ways in which the average woman falls short. Wearing a set of sexy lingerie silences all those voices and gives you a confidence boost in you’re the way your body looks. When you find a piece of lingerie that fits well and flatters your form, you’ll naturally want to wear it—if for no other reason than to admire yourself in the mirror.

The right piece of lingerie emphasizes all the right curves and can make you feel like a total bombshell. When you need a boost for your self-confidence, putting on a pair of lingerie could make all the difference.

Feeling of Luxury

How often do you treat yourself to something genuinely luxurious? If you’re like most people, it’s probably not nearly as often as it should be. Lingerie can feel like a unique way to treat yourself, not only because of how sexy it makes you feel but because of how luxurious the fabrics are. Most lingerie is made of sensual materials that you wouldn’t find on your everyday clothing, such as satin, silk, and lace. These fabrics can feel amazing against your skin, and slipping into that lingerie can allow you to bask in a little bit of luxury at the end of the day.

Feeling Desirable

Most women want to feel attractive and desirable—whether they currently have a partner or not. That confidence boost we mentioned above can help you achieve that feeling, whether just by looking at yourself in the mirror or seeing the look in your partner’s eyes when you step out in your lingerie. Knowing that someone finds you desirable is a wonderful feeling, so it’s little wonder that women love putting on lingerie.

Embroidered Lace & Satin Bustier

Feeling Feminine

Sometimes, amid all of life’s responsibilities, a woman can feel like she’s losing her femininity. Perhaps you’re an empowered businesswoman who has to put on a tough and near-masculine front to make it in your industry. Maybe you’re a mom who’s so wrapped up in caring for your kids you barely have time to paint your nails, much less focus on other ways to make yourself feel truly feminine.

Slipping into a sexy bra and thong lingerie set, a lacy teddy, or a silky babydoll is a quick way to help yourself feel feminine again. Many lingerie sets feature feminine detailing like embroidery, lace, and bows, helping to remind you—and your partner if you have one—of the woman you were born to be.

It’s important to remember that lingerie isn’t just for your partner; it’s for you too. You shouldn’t feel like you can only put on lingerie to please someone else, or you can only buy new lingerie for a special night with your partner. Buy and wear lingerie whenever it pleases you because the feeling it gives you is just as important (we’d even say it’s more important) than the reaction it gets from your partner.

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