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Halloween is just around the corner, and whether you are going to a party, hosting a scary movie marathon, or partaking in local festivities, you will need a costume. There are all sorts of woman’s costumes you can choose from, in stores or online. Whether you know this or not, the costume you decide to wear will say something about your personality. Here is a guide to let you in on what your costume choice reveals about you.

Animal Costume

Animal costumes, like this Queen of the Felines costume with a leather-like black form-fitting long-sleeve pantsuit with lacing under the bust and on the outer thighs and cat ears headband or this Cute Bunny with a pink sequin strapless romper with pink backbone straps and fuzzy white bunny tail that comes with a matching bunny ears headband are popular choices on Halloween. They are low maintenance, and you can either create your own or find readymade ensembles at any Halloween shop, even at the last minute. Animal costumes reflect your playful nature. It shows that you're fun, energetic, and laid back—even comfortable enough to dress up like an animal.

Super Hero Costumes

Superhero costumes for women, including this wonder woman costume consisting of a romper with gold rhinestone and a red sleeveless top, blue starred bottoms, and a gold headband tell of your desire to fight evil and save the world. This costume choice reflects your strongest traits. You excel at taking charge of situations and aren’t afraid to stand up for what you believe in. Alternatively, you might be making up for traits that are imperfect or incomplete. Being a superhero for Halloween lets you live out your desires for one day.


Scary Costumes

A witch costume with a black sequined padded corset and a sheer black skin-tight skirt, a devil costume with red sequin padded corset that lace up in back and a sequin double slit skirt, or a vampire costume with laced padded red and black corset, a flowing black double slit skirt, and a red collar cape, gives you the opportunity to show your dark side. You are in control of your life. You know what you want, and you get what you want. You are fiercely loyal and tend to go on the attack when someone threatens you or the things and people you care about. Your twisted sense of humor and alluring aura make you attractive to the opposite sex.

Fantasy Costumes

Outfits with a fantasy theme reflect a youthful vibe, like this mermaid costume with a green scaly dress and a flared bottom attached to a purple padded top, or this fairy costume with a light green sequin dress and matching four-leaf wings. Your imagination knows no limits, allowing you to turn any situation into an exciting adventure for everyone. You tend to look at the world as a place with endless possibilities. Your temperament may resemble that of childlike innocence. You are happy with the simple things in life and tend to stay close to places and people you feel safe with.

Be the cutest fairy or tempestuous villain at your upcoming Halloween bash and catch the eyes of the many partygoers. If you want to discover more of these fun but flirty costumes, check out more on Rave Fix today.

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