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Suspenders and stockings create a sexy combination of lingerie that often makes women feel glamourous. Wearing lingerie stockings with suspenders is gaining popularity once again, not least because of the provocative look the lingerie invokes. Here are some tips to help you wear suspenders with stockings confidently.

What Are Suspenders?

Suspenders, commonly called garter belts in the U.S., are an iconic piece of lingerie consisting of 2 or more adjustable straps. The straps attach to individual stockings (usually thigh highs), to keep the hosiery in place.  Suspenders are typically dress-sized, making the piece a popular choice for wedding lingerie. Suspenders should fit snugly and be comfortable, to prevent pinching and bulges.

Types of Suspenders

Finding the right suspenders and stockings for you means trying on different styles. For evening wear, powermesh suspenders that sit on your waist are your best bet. Your hips will help keep the suspenders from slipping, and the powermesh will provide extra strength. You’ll also get long straps that allow you to walk and move freely.

Waspy suspenders provide a corset lingerie style with a retro vibe. The style flattens your tummy and enhances your waist and hips. Some waspy suspenders come with removable straps so you can wear the corset alone, creating two looks with one piece of lingerie.

Suspenders with built-in briefs prevent you from hours of pondering whether to wear underwear over or under the belt. Plus, you can add a lacy, ruffled mini skirt to create a sensuous, ultra-feminine look that skims your beautiful curves.

If you want to be the ultimate sex kitten, you can always get a racy chemise with built-in suspenders. The straps of chemise suspenders usually have cute bows that hide the stocking fasteners, creating a smooth, smoldering silhouette. To add a sensual vibe, choose a chemise with sheer lattice mesh.

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Wearing Suspenders and Stockings Properly

Suspenders should fit on your body snugly. The right fit will be comfortable on your body and keep the stocking in place all day long. Once you find suspenders and stockings that fit, you can experiment with how to put the lingerie on. One way is to put the suspenders on first, then the stockings. Next, while sitting or standing, fasten the front strap (or straps) to the front of the stocking, then clip on the back straps. Make sure the straps are clipped to the middle of the stocking.

 If you have a hard time aligning the straps, you can attach the stockings to the suspenders, then slip into the ensemble the same way you put on tights. Once you have everything in place, adjust the straps to the right length. Sit down and stand up a few times to make sure the straps fit perfectly.

Wearing Underwear with Suspenders and Stockings

There is no right or wrong way to wear underwear with suspenders and stockings. Many women choose to wear underwear on top of the suspenders when out on the town because this makes going to the bathroom and moving around easier. Lingerie thongs are a common choice to wear under the suspenders, because this scanty type of underwear adds to the sexiness of the look. If you plan to stay home, then you may be more comfortable not wearing underwear at all with your lingerie.   

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